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  • My CNC just ran into the corner and whimpered....incredible work. Certainly the most delicate I've seen. You are Master woodcarver in 3 D Wood Carving

    Chris Hostetler

  • WOW! Stunning to say the least! True Master of Architectural Wood Carving! Architectural sculpture and decorative carving is Art for Everyday

    Rob Vega

  • Outstanding Architectural Wood Carving! Master. Maestro! That's all I have to say!!!!! Master Woodcarver! I love your talent and ability to create Architectural Sculpture as well decorative carving. It is Heart Wood Carving.

    Scott Hagerty

Authentic Quality  Cabinetry

If you are an architect, designer, contractor or work in fine woodwork, contact us with your ideas or your project requirements.


  • Kitchens.
  • Bath.
  • Libraries.
  • Build-ins.

Architectural  Woodworking

We produce high quality (one of a kind) decorative moulding, capitals, renaissance paneling, and gothic screens and fireplace mantels.


Architectural Wood Carving                 .

Contact us today for your fine architectural wood carving projects. All Architectural Wood Carving  done by  Master Woodcarver and all hand done.


  • Wood fireplace mantels.
  • Custom-carved wood furniture .
  • Acanthus scrolls.
  • Corbels and Capitals.

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Architectural Wood Carving: True Decoration


Architectural-Wood-Carving by Master Woodcarver Alexander Grabovetskiy

Some people think that the art of architectural wood carving is a lost art. We think you’ll agree that by just looking at these finely-crafted pieces of carving, you’ll be assured that the art of  architectural wood carving is still alive and well in the world.

Have you ever wished  to tune up your interior decoration, but didn’t really want to do an entire redesign process? There is an better solution for dressing up plain kitchen cabinets,doors, drawers, crown moldings and other surfaces in need of a little something to bring out the personality of your home. Our authentic architectural wood carvings can add elegance and depth  to almost any surface.


Decorative Carving in Architectural Sculpture.

From the Ancient days to the Middle Ages to the Victorian era, masters of decorative and architectural wood carving applied their skill toward carving items of great, rare, and unique beauty for royalty, the nobility and other highborn households. Rich woods of cherry, red oak, maple and other hardwoods carved into elaborate shapes gave an unique show of opulence that even modern homes do not have.

Architectural Wood Carving by HandSkillfully worked on architectural wood carving in a variety of hardwoods, each of our architectural wood carvings are finely detailed and representative of pieces seen in historic settings. They arrive to you unfinished, ready for your paint or stain or even just leaving a natural color. Offered in a grand assortment of shapes and sizes, our beautiful architectural wood carvings are an astounding departure from the ordinary.

There is a lots of examples of architectural wood carving for your home.

Detailed wreaths, urns, and other items add a beautiful touch to any room. For the animal lover, a fierce lion head stand out revealing it power and beauty. Depending on the size, our architectural wood carvings can be installed on walls, fireplace mantles, interior doors, adding a touch of luxury to any surface.

If you think of architectural wood carvings as jewelry, you’ll quickly get the idea that these little embellishments can go anywhere a small touch up is needed. You will be amazed at how a few small, carved pieces of architectural wood carving can completely transform a home. This reveals how even the smallest details can have a huge impact on an area.

Architectural Wood Carving by hand over machine made carvings?

Architectural Carving by HandArchitectural Wood Carvings made by cnc router machines are available but cannot offer the same authentic quality you will find in our architectural wood carving. Cnc made work shows only the limitations of a spinning router bit and lacks any crisp, intricate detail. Each piece from our architectural wood carving shop is individually hand carved. This gives our clients many pluses.
We can do work in any dimension, not forced to compromise a designs of architectural wood carving to fit the dimensions of a cnc router machine in length or width. Our hand carved work allows us to adjust the pattern of a moldings so that the corners have the original traditional beautiful finish – often with rich carved acanthus decor – not just a cut in the middle of a design because the material  comes in fixed lengths. You will not be limited to the type of wood, unlike cnc machined carving. Architect, Designers and Builders even send us their wood material for architectural wood carving.
Because all  our carvings  is done by hand, designs of architectural wood carving can be created that are unique to you – at no additional investment. Cnc Router Machine made architectural wood  carving is not that cheap as you thing and you are constantly having to compromise your designs. Why not take that same amount of  budget and have authentically custom hand carving that you can be proud of.Hand Carved Moldings

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Decorative carving by Master Woodcarver Alexander Grabovetskiy, Architectural wood carvingIf contacted early in the design process of architectural wood carving, we can offer options on cost and implementation that can save a significant amount of time and money while offering the highest traditional accuracy.
To start, we can quickly produce an initial estimate. All we need are a few lines, simply drawn and emailed to us with approximate dimensions. Or, if you come to us with an idea, a style, even a picture , we can easily further the design process.



Author: Alexander Grabovetskiy

Master wood carver