Immigrant establishes woodworking firm


Coffered Ceiling by Master woodworking company Aalmark LLC 2001  AAlmark Construction Inc., a Christian company specializing in high-quality finish carpentry,

began two years ago out of the expertise of a Russian man. Two years later, Alex Grabovetskiy made the voyage to Goshen from his native land of Russia, where he learned the trade of wood carving. Grabovetskiy started his wood carving business (free of charge) in jail, where he spent time for refusing to go onto the Russian Army — and for being a Christian, he said. He made furniture, tables, kitchen sets and more while in jail. Once released, Grabovetskiy said he could not find good work. A professional artist friend of his had started a business in finish carpentry and invited Grabovetskiy to be his partner. Grabovetskiy latAlexander Grabovetskiy Master Wood Carverer began his own business in Russia and developed a strong customer base. Upon moving to Goshen he began working with Town and Country Builders. Starting A. Aalmark became a mission for Grabovetskiy, who now employs five to six full-time Russian and Ukrainian employees — all professional, all Christians. “One day God put it on my heart to help Russian professional carpenters get a job,” Grabovetskiy said, explaining that without speaking English, it is difficult for Russian immigrants to find a good work. Aalmark combines that Grabovetskiy  explains as “Old World craftsmanship with the latest technology.” “We’re a culture of quantity,” Grabovetskiy said of Russia. The company subcontracts with many Michiana builders, and as a Christian company would like churches to know of its services. “We would like to help churches with woodworking, renovating, remodeling, whatever needs to be done,” Grabovetskiy explained. The company woodcrafting including trim, fireplace mantles, coffer and ceilings, cabinet installation, wood flooring, remodeling, renovating and wood carving for both commercial and residential projects.





Alexander Grabovetskiy in press 2000