Architectural Wood Carving Q and A.

Architectural Wood Carving Wood-Carver-Alexander-Grabovetskiy-Project-Lion-Head-CorbelDo you have a catalog?

As our work is  100% custom made architectural wood carving we do not have a catalog showing lists of ,prices, products and trading terms.

What experience does Aalmark Architectural Wood Carving have?

Alexander Grabovetskiy started carving and building furniture and cabinetry at age 17 and formed his own company in age of twenty in Europe. In 1996 he moved to USA. 1998 He formed Aalmark.Inc in State of Indiana. Whilst in Indiana the company was involved in projects throughout the USA. Aalmark Architectural Carving have completed numerous major projects across the USA.

Do you only do custom architectural wood carving “work?”

Yes, we are 100% custom made architectural wood carving company, one of a kind.

Define quality Architectural wood carving

Architectural Carvings. We believe it is better not to have carved decoration than to have badly carved decoration. Many of our carving may be virtuoso in their execution but it is the design and movement that make them exciting. However, more important than complexity is the structure and flow of the work and that its location is appropriate. Architectural Wood Carving that is badly designed and executed does nothing to enhance architecture and, in fact, will detract from it.


The Architectural wood carving  work of Alexander Grabovetskiy has a crispness and flow showing that it was carved by a skillful human hand and not machined with routers. When budget is at issue there should be less carving in exchange for quality carving. Quality of architectural wood carving  is our strength

Who does the design of architectural wood carving?

Clients usually come to us with an idea, or style in mind, but often need assistance in the detailing. Using experience and our extensive library we are usually able to quickly show our clients options that create the feel that is required. We normally work directly with the architect or designer. If contacted early in the design process, our advice can save a huge amount of time and money while offering the best in traditional accuracy. As a long standing classical carver,Alexander Grabovetskiy is an accomplished designer in his field. The combination gives him the ability to adapt designs to your requirements in ways that others cannot. Clients consult with Alexander on their projects in order to create designs that are both esthetically pleasing and economically feasible. Good architectural decoration is not a matter of complexity. It is about well organized and tasteful design of architectural wood carving.

How do you work with clients?

Aalmark Architectural Wood Carving LLC . is able to produce an estimate from a few lines, simply drawn and faxed to us with some dimensions. We can then offer you a range of designs, prices and options. Many clients show us photographs to give us an idea of what they require. We can take responsibility for furthering the design process, and produce a plan that will meet your budget.
You can choose to have us provide the architectural wood carving only – to be applied by others – or we can make the structure with the carving attached and install the work ourselves. It is also common for contractors to send us their material, cut to size, to be carved and returned to the site or the mill shop. Payment involves a deposit and stage payment depending on the size of the project.
For large projects an American Institute of Architects contract is typical. We strive to exceed your expectations. We deliver when we say we will – or sooner – and our workmanship is always the finest. You will not be disappointed.

Why hand carving for architectural wood carving over machine made?

Architectural Wood Carvings made by machines are available but cannot offer the same quality you will find in our carving. Machine made work shows the limitations of a spinning router blade and lacks any sharp, intricate detail. Each piece from our workshop is individually hand made. This gives our clients many advantages.
We can work in any dimension, not forced to compromise a design to fit the dimensions of a machine in width or length. Our hand work allows us to adjust the pattern of a molding so that the corners have the traditional neat finish – often with rich acanthus decoration – not just a cut in the middle of a pattern because the material comes in fixed lengths. You will not be limited to the type of wood, unlike machined carving. Contractors even send us their material for carving.
Because our work is done by hand, designs of architectural wood carving can be created that are unique to the client and location – at no additional cost. Machine made architectural wood  carving is not cheap and you are constantly having to compromise. Why not take that same budget and have custom hand carving that the client can be proud of.

How do I estimate cost of architectural wood carving?

Even experienced construction professionals are often at a loss when it comes to estimating the cost of hand carved work. That is understandable since the use of carved decoration is limited to a select number of projects. Additionally there are few architectural wood carving companies available to compare costs with. All this can add up to a low estimate resulting in budget overruns or an unnecessary high estimate that discourages clients from accepting the bid. The way to avoid these problems is to call Aalmark llc Architectural wood Carving early in the project. Working together we can control the cost by offering options in design, material, volume and delivery. Those options allow you to quote a price to your client that is acceptable and realistic.

How long will our project take?

Obviously production time for architectural wood carving depends on the size of the project and the complexity of the design.
Call us and we will be able to give you an estimate of turnaround.

Can you produce a product line for us?

Yes. We work with a number of companies around the world to make and carve items for them. For example, furniture, gift items, finials and carved masters to be cast into products.


By the way if like a picture of Lion Head Corbel you can buy it. Just place it to cart. It takes about 3 weeks to get it done.


Architectural Wood Carving by Aalmark llc Architectural wood Carving

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