Architectural Wood Carving by Hand. Decorative carving by Master carver Alexander Grabovetskiy

Architectural Wood Carving by Hand?

Architectural Wood Carvings made by machines are available but cannot offer the same quality you will find in our carving. Machine made work shows the limitations of a spinning router blade and lacks any sharp, intricate detail. Each piece from our workshop is individually hand made. This gives our clients many advantages.

We can work in any dimension, not forced to compromise a design to fit the dimensions of a machine in width or length. Our hand work of architectural wood carving allows us to adjust the pattern of a molding so that the corners have the traditional neat finish – often with rich acanthus decoration – not just a cut in the middle of a pattern because the material comes in fixed lengths. You will not be limited to the type of wood, unlike machined carving. Contractors even send us their material for carving.

Because our work is done by hand, designs of architectural wood carving can be created that are unique to the client and location – at no additional cost. Machine Architectural Wood Carving is not cheap and you are constantly having to compromise. Why not take that same budget and have custom hand architectural wood carving that the client can be proud of.