Hand Carved Conference Table from 1500 year old Pine for Loray Cotton Mill in Gastonia NC

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Hand Carved Conference Table from 1500 year old Pine for Loray Mill in Gastonia NC


November of 2013 I was Commissioned to Carve very interesting Historically  Project.


History of Loray Cotton Mill


Loray Mills (1900) to Jenckes to Manville-Jenckes to Firestone Cotton Mills (1935) 

In 1900, the Loray  Cotton Mills in Gastonia North Carolina brought the town to national prominence.  When finished, this ...

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International Woodcarver of the year

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International Woodcarver of the year

Alexander Grabovetskiy – ‘Wall Decoration’ – 1st prize

This piece is also the winner of our overall ‘International Woodcarver of the Year award, which is sponsored by Classic Hand Tools
When he was just a more youthful boy of six in the Russian city of Dimitrovgrad, Alexander was tutored normal woodcarving tactics by his grandfather. This rapid mentoring was the starting of a every day existence-prolonged occupation for him. When he was sixteen, he shocked ...

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Carved Cabinet Paneling

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Carved Cabinet Paneling by Master Woodcarver Alexander Grabovetskiy

In the 17th-19th century, Europe became highly decorated everywhere you go.French style furniture and cabinet making was especially beautiful. Especially hand carved cabinet paneling. Beautiful residences for kings, aristocracy and wealthy businessmen who could spend lavishly on expensive french style furniture.

The most skilled woodworking artists  from the all over Europe were invited to work in French Style Furniture, France  soon became famous for furniture characterized by beautifully and delicately hand carved ...

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FURNITURE CARVING: Hand Carved Headboard Step by Step

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Hand Carved Headboard Step by Step

  • I like to see your work. Very nicely done furniture carving work. Wood Carving Furniture should I say!


  • Wow. That really dressed that headboard . Nice furniture carving work.

    Michael Short

  • Bravo! wow nice headboard carved from solid wood. beautiful furniture carving


  • Very beautiful and useful post for those into  furniture  carving, thank you for sharing!


  • That is absolutely beautiful furniture carving. Very impressive. Really appreciate the effort tit took to ...
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