Carved Cabinet Paneling

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Carved Cabinet Paneling by Master Woodcarver Alexander Grabovetskiy

In the 17th-19th century, Europe became highly decorated everywhere you go.French style furniture and cabinet making was especially beautiful. Especially hand carved cabinet paneling. Beautiful residences for kings, aristocracy and wealthy businessmen who could spend lavishly on expensive french style furniture.

The most skilled woodworking artists  from the all over Europe were invited to work in French Style Furniture, France  soon became famous for furniture characterized by beautifully and delicately hand carved decoration.


Carved Cabinet Paneling     More than three hundred years later, French-style furniture is still being created and carved by hand to the most highest levels of uniqueness and quality.

From his caving workshop in Waxhaw, USA, Master Wood Carver Alexander Grabovetskiy is a reassuring reminder that even in these days of mass-manufactured furniture, there is still a very big demand for the classical skills of a master wood carver.




Alexander Grabovetskiy studied for many years  the complex trade of architectural and decorative woodcarving. He spent many years studying furniture and cabinet making and woodcarving. Today, Alexander Grabovetskiy is one for only few full time architectural and decorative woodcarvers in the world. He can make and decorate virtually any item of furniture.

Carved Cabinet Paneling

To make an item of French style carved cabinet paneling is a very complex process. The preparatory design drawings can take a full month and every item of paneling requires a totally new set of design drawings.

His first task is to make a rough drawing of the pattern of carved cabinet paneling, which might be based on an original item of furniture or created by Alexander  himself.Carved Cabinet Paneling


Design then presented to the customer. The final design drawing is redrawn on tracing paper and pinned to the selected cabinet panel.

The design of future carved cabinet paneling is then transferred onto the wood, which in most cases is White Oak or Cherry.


With respect, patience and much artistic skill, Alexander carves each design motif until he finds the right expression and character.

Once the carving of carved cabinet paneling is completed, the carved paneling is returned to the customer to be stained and finished and incorporated into the intended piece of cabinetry or furniture, be it an 17th century reproduction piece or an individual original design.



Carved Cabinet Paneling

Carved Cabinet Paneling

Alexander is enthralled with the variety of projects he is asked to undertake, as well as the larger pieces of cabinetry or furniture which easily take few weeks to a year to complete.






Carved Cabinet Paneling

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Alexander Grabovetskiy is a Master Wood Carver and Woodworking Artist. Born July 4 1973. Currently his woodworking / woodcarvingShop located in state of North Carolina town Waxhaw.
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