Coffered Ceiling option for your Home

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coffered ceiling by master woodworker alexander grabovetskiy   Are you in planning stages of your home and  considered different ceiling style options, We would like to offer some ideas for you regarding coffered ceilings.



Coffered ceiling in other definition:

  • decorative ceiling,
  • dropped ceiling,
  • coffer,
  • tray ceiling,
  • boxed beam ceilings

  Coffered ceilings really add a luxurious touch to any room, especially when it is a ‘two-story room’. Contractors pay particular attention to ceiling architectural details in high end homes and many times coffered ceilings fit the budget. It is one of  great ways  to enhance the beauty of any room in your home.

Coffered Ceiling

Coffered ceiling is  the most elegant and stately of ceiling designs. Plus, it is more customizable than you may realize and help insulate noise pollution and  against sound. From simple to very ornate, a Aalmark LLC can construct beautiful coffered ceiling for you. But first, you need to know what design and style  you’re looking for, so please explore some of your options in our Coffered Ceiling  Gallery.

As you can see from the pictures, this type of coffered ceiling (decorative ceiling, dropped ceiling, coffer, tray ceiling, boxed beam ceilings ) is amazingly attractive in any part of your home, especially great room and kitchen. Coffered ceilings can also cover up those unsightly utility pipes running across your basement ceiling. 

Coffered ceiling  suitable for your home.

Coffered ceiling (decorative ceiling, dropped ceiling, coffer, tray ceiling, boxed beam ceilings)  suitable for almost any room in your home but are mostly installed
in living rooms, great rooms , dining rooms , foyers, Bed rooms, libraries and home offices. For residential homes in
Charlotte North Carolina coffered ceilings are generally best built on ceilings that are at
least eight feet tall.

Coffered Ceiling custom made

Coffered ceilings done by us are custom made from solid wood and maple plywood and some times mdf.

We use a old european system of
supports attached to the ceiling which in turn support the structural and decorative beams and coffers that
are made of base and crown molding.

Coffered Ceilings-Charlotte North Carolina
You can use different types of decorative moldings to make the coffered ceiling (decorative ceiling, dropped ceiling, coffer, tray ceiling, boxed beam ceilings) your own unique one in the world style.
We use the same decorative baseboard that was in the house to make sides of the beams. And We are not limited on designs. You don’t have to have just a square looking coffered ceiling. If you can pay attention to pictures of coffered ceiling done by us, you will see uniqueness of our design.

Please email or call us (980) 224-3684 for a free estimate on your
coffered ceiling today.  Coffered Ceiling we can offer only localy in Greater Charlotte North Carolina area.

Coffered ceiling is one of the most talent labor intensive jobs performed by a finish and trim
carpenters involving lots of creative thinking and planning designs, materials and cuts. First the ceiling is marked out.
Then a system of  bracket supports are attached to the flat ceiling. The decorative beams of coffered ceiling and  decorative moldings are then
constructed around these support brackets. We can  design any style or shape you like. We are limited only by imaginations of a home owner.

A coffered ceiling is traditionally a grid of squares, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Coffered Ceiling can be designed in virtually any shape that creates a grid pattern, like diamonds as you can see on pictures below.  Little Less expensive options are wood-paneled hard foam (or drywall), and the high-end option is solid wood beams. So don’t think that this design is outside of feasibility; the price is yours to set. The coffered ceiling  is the decorative panel sunk between the grid woodwork, and it essentially serves as the decorative focal point of a room ceiling. For the coffered ceiling material, you can use anything from wood to mdf.

If you have searched for decorative ceiling, dropped ceiling, coffer, tray ceiling, boxed beam ceilings  beams on a ceiling, you are really
looking for a coffered ceiling give us a call (980)-224-3684!

Again: coffered ceiling construction we can offer only in greater Charlotte NC Area.

If you are handy man you can build your own coffered ceiling

Coffered Ceilings

Tips for Coffered Ceilings

How to costruct a box beam coffered ceiling


Pictures are only a samples of what you can do once your imagination is sparked. Take a look through these beautiful pictures of coffered ceilings and check out the photos of work that Aalmark LLC  have built in the past few years, and we’re sure your ideas will start springing up all over the place. Then give us a call  (980) 224-3684 or Email us, and we’ll design perfect coffered ceiling for your home to make your home  unique and more beautiful.

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Coffered Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling

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