Corner Blocks Rosette

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Corner Blocks. Rossete

Corner Blocks / Rosette add a beautiful look to any window or door in your office or home. The corner block rosette is a decorative block in the upper corner of doors and windows.  The moulding is affixed between the corner blocks.

Corner Blocks       Normally these  blocks are milled larger. The standard is 1/2″ wider (1/4″ per side) and 3/16″ to 1/4″ thicker than the moldings, base boards included. This application produces a very distinctive and clean joint, eliminating the need for very difficult 45 degree miter cuts. The square cut makes it easy for you and professional carpenters  to install corner blocks.

Here’s an opportunity for you or your business should not overlook.

Aalmark LLC is ready to provide you with a hand carved corner blocks very high QUALITY product you’ll be very proud to use in your house or sell in conjunction with your architectural moulding products.

Aalmark LLC has unlimited design possibilities due to all our corner block are hand carved by Master Wood Carver Alexander Grabovetskiy and custom made to order to meet your needs and you can choose from on a variety of wood species. Our corner blocks rosettes are carved from kiln dried limewood (the best choice), Mahogany, Walnu, and Cherry ( other species available upon custom request).

What is the difference between Machine carved and Hand carved blocks? Wood Carvings made by  machines are widely available but can’t offer the same beautiful quality you will find in our hand  wood carving. Machine made work shows only the limitations of a  router bit and lacks any beauty of chisel mark, intricate detail. Each piece from our  wood carving shop is individually designed and hand carved.

Corner Blocks

Corner Blocks Rosettes

The following illustrations of our Corner Blocks and Rosettes  are  patterns you may choose from. These may be applied to any custom block size and species of wood that you really desire. Take notice that not all pattern diameters will fit on smaller sized corner blocks. The design applied on  corner blocks rosette are centered on the corner blocks.


Corner Blocks Rosettes

Enhance your windows and doors with our hand carved decorative  Corner Blocks. Where Casing meets at the corners of windows and doors, our hand carved Corner Blocks eliminate the need for tedious, often hard fitting miter (angle) cuts.

And they look great!

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Corner Blocks

About the Author:

Alexander Grabovetskiy is a Master Wood Carver and Woodworking Artist. Born July 4 1973. Currently his woodworking / woodcarvingShop located in state of North Carolina town Waxhaw.
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