Pre-honed to a mirror-like edge that turns out smooth shavings right out of the box, the Deluxe Palm & Knife Set marries two popular carving sets to give carvers a wide range of capabilities in one economical package. The set includes four...

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Made by Flexcut, the largest and one of the finest US manufacturers of quality woodcarving tools, this Fine Detail Knife features a precisely shaped blade that is ideal for making very fine detail cuts in 3 dimensional carving. The blade is made...

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Novices and experienced carvers who prefer smaller projects will enjoy this set of five popular Flexcut carving tools. The wooden handles are made to fit comfortably in the palm to provide control close to your project. Tips are hand-honed,...

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Each carving knive is constructed with an ash handle and a high carbon steel blade. The high carbon blade holds an edge extremely well and is easily maintained by simple stropping. Each blade is honed, polished and ready to go. Made with...

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Get started whittling with Flexcut's popular detail and mini detail knives. Both blades in this set are made of edge-holding steel, are razor sharp and are ideal for smooth cutting. Solid wood handles are shaped to fit your hand for many hours of...

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Five Piece Carving Set includes handle and four blades: 3/8" No. 3 gouge; 3/8" No. 6 gouge; 1/8" No. 11 veiner; 1/4" 70 degrees V-parting Craft carver kitContains palm handle, 4 iinterchangable blades, and wood block with preprinted design for...

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The Tri-Jack Pro features a three bladed liner lock design. Included are a roughing knife (1-3/4" long), detail knife (1-5/16" long), and a mini-cutting knife (1-1/16" long) providing you, the carver, with multiple of options to create your...

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Flexcut has built a reputation for value and quality the equal of any manufacturer anywhere. Their knives are comfortable to hold, easy to sharpen, hold an edge and cut like nobodys business. Now imagine 18 of these fine knives in a storage box...

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Flexcut blades, as the name implies, are flexible to give you more control over your cuts. Made of high carbon spring steel, the tool shank gives just enough to follow the contour of carving, eliminating the need to have a handful of traditional...

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We now have these carving tools. available with a palm handle, power. handle or no handle. Larger profiles. can be better controlled with the. longer power handle (7-1/2" overall. length) by allowing two handed. operation. No-handle tools are...

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