A Scorp is essentially a right-angled gouge designed for carving areas where the full length of a gouge will not fit. Knife carvers find them useful for hollowing deep, narrow cavities. Our set contains four versatile profiles with razor sharp...

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This tool roll will carry 1 Flexcut travel handle and 18 gouges in one convenient...

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Made with Flexcuts high quality spring steel, tempered to a hardness of Rc 59-61, and fitted with tremendously comfortable curved ergonomic ash handles, these knives perform as marvelously and hold an edge as well as Flexcut carving tools. These...

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Flexcuts Detail knives are made from high quality spring steel tempered to a hardness of Rc 59-61 for excellent edge retention and polished to a mirror finish. This basic Whittlers Set includes Flexcuts popular Standard Detail and Mini Detail...

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Set includes handle and 10 blades: 1/8" No. 11 veiner; 1mm 45 degrees V-parting; 1.5mm No. 9 gouge; 1/4" single bevel chisel; 5/8" No. 5 gouge; 3/8" No. 6 gouge; 1/4" No. 11 veiner; 3/8" No. 3 gouge; 5/8" No. 3 gouge; 1/4" 70 degrees...

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As suited to smaller projects (and precision work) as to roughing out blanks, these 5" tools fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Flexcut blades, as the name implies, are flexible to give you more control over your cuts. Made of high carbon...

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Our Chip Carving Set features our Chip Carving Knife, Mini-Chip Knife and Skew Knife. Everything you need to create the intricate geometric or freestyle patterns that are the hallmark of the craft. Lettering is also very much part of the art form....

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Pushing tools by hand is not always the most efficient, controlled cut, especially when carving large projects or denser hardwoods. Made with Flexcuts high-quality spring steel, tempered to a hardness of Rc 59-61 to maintain a razor sharp edge,...

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The Deluxe Palm and Knife Set pairs two popular tool sets to provide carvers a wide range of capabilities in one economic package. Set includes four razor-sharp carving knives - cutting, pelican, detail, and mini detail knives. There are also five...

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Flexcuts Whittlin Jack is the smaller two-bladed version of the original Carvin Jack and Pocket Jack. Its two-bladed design features the most needed blades any carver could need. At 3 oz. and with a closed length just over 4", you will hardly even...

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