As suited to smaller projects (and precision work) as to roughing out blanks, these 5" tools fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Flexcut blades, as the name implies, are flexible to give you more control over your cuts. Made of high carbon...

$107.00 as at 07:35 UTC. (Details)

Carving Set Weve combined the four most popular carving knives into one set. The set includes a cutting knife, detail knife, pelican knife, mini-pelican knife and tool roll and these knives are made of the same edge holding steel as Flexcut gouges...

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A complete carving set all in one box. Seventeen cutting tools, two interchangeable handles and a SlipStrop to keep them all sharp! Everything you need for palm or knife carving. Set includes: 5/8" #1 chisel, 9/16" #2 skew, 1/4" and 7/8" #3...

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With the included Flexcut gold polishing compound, the slipstrop works to keep an edge on carving tools that is unsurpassed. The slipstrop is specially molded to polish and deburr hard to reach areas inside v-tools and gouges, as well as do a fine...

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Made with Flexcuts high quality spring steel, tempered to a hardness of Rc 59-61, and fitted with tremendously comfortable curved ergonomic ash handles, these knives perform as marvelously while holding a razor sharp edge. All tools are...

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