Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

The stainless steel dual basket ProFry immersion element deep fryer is a professional-style deep fryer with dual baskets and large 12-cup food capacity. Includes a filter to reduce spattering. This multi-purpose appliance also doubles as a large...

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Work Sharp WSSA0002704 Medium 220 Replacement Belt Kit (WSKTS & WSKTS-KT Only)

Includes 6, P220 Medium Grit Belts. For knife sharpening.For knife...

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Attach this new and innovative Knife Sharpening System to your Work Sharp Model 2000 to sharpen knives. Sharpens a wide range of blades such as… Pocket knives, Kitchen knives, Serrated blades, Hunting Knives and fishing knives.Blades are sharpened...

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For a caul to work properly, and evenly distribute clamping pressure, the cauls curve must be perfect. If you are like most woodworkers and have had less than satisfactory results when using homemade cauls, it is most likely due to a less than...

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Works with all Powermatic dust collector switch assembles PM1900-108 Replacement Control for Powermatic Dust CollectorsBatery...

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Includes Mobile Base for 60C, 60HH - 2042376 Wheeled mobile base for Powermatic Model 60B JoinerFixed wheels at the front, swivel casters in backWheels can be locked in placeIncludes screws, nuts, and washers for...

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The Powermatic II is an electric cigarette spoon injection machine that produces a perfect cigarette in seconds. The spoon injection method allows users to make cigarettes that burn evenly without any surprises. This machine is designed to work...

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Includes Bowl Turning Tool Rest (Right) for 3520B and 4224 Lathes - 6294740 For 3520B and 4224...

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Power Tools Featuring heavy-duty cast iron construction and a powerful 1-horsepower motor, the Powermatic 719T tilt table mortiser (model 1791264K) is designed to take on the most demanding mortising jobs. A heavy rack-and-pinion gear system is...

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Power Tool Accessories For 3520B...

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