Accessory Bundle for Work Sharp® WS3000

Save money with this accessory kit for the Work Sharp® WS3000 (25384, sold separately). The kit includes the 150mm Tempered Glass Wheel (23128), the Edge-Vision Slotted Wheel (27084), the Edge-Vision™ Slotted Abrasives Kit (28396), the Fine...

$69.75 as at 12:47 UTC. (Details)
Work Sharp WS3000 Tool Bar Attachment

Improve the freehand sharpening on the top and underside of your grinding wheel with the Tormke® Work Sharp™ WS3000 Tool Bar Attachment! Designed to accept a wide range of Tormek® or Jet® sharpening jigs (Sold Separately) for turning tools and...

$49.99 as at 12:47 UTC. (Details)
Work Sharp WSSA0002024 WS2000 Edge-Vision Wheel

WS2000 Slotted Wheel, 2 Sided Edge Vision Slotted Wheel, For Use In Work Sharp Bench Top Tool Sharpener, Carded.WS2000 Slotted...

$16.19 as at 12:47 UTC. (Details)
Work Sharp WS2000 Knife Sharpener Replacement Belt Kit (WS2000 Only)

Replacement abrasive belts for the Work Sharp model 2000 Knife Sharpening SystemPremium long lasting 1/2-Inch by 18-Inch belt...

$15.43 as at 12:47 UTC. (Details)
Worksharp Work Sharp Diamond 1500 Abrasive Belt

A single diamond abrasive belt, intended for honing and fine sharpening of ceramic blades. Not intended for steel blades. Features an ultra flexible cloth backing with very hard/sharp diamond...

$18.89 as at 12:47 UTC. (Details)
Work Sharp WS2000 Tool Sharpener

Includes Grinder and Sharpener 2000 - WS2000Air-cooled dry sharpening and grinding system uses maintenance-free slotted wheels and adhesive backed abrasives in coarse and fine...

$79.00 as at 12:47 UTC. (Details)
Work Sharp WSSA0002792 Retractable Honing Rod

Includes Retractable Honing Rod - WSSA0002792Angle guide on the handle ensures a perfect 25 degree edge honed into your...

$10.99 as at 12:47 UTC. (Details)
Work Sharp WSSA0002044 Honing Abrasive Kit

This Work Sharp 3000 hone abrasive kit contains one 6000 micro-mesh and one 3600 micro-mesh.Add to the functionality of your WorkSharp wood tool...

$13.99 as at 12:47 UTC. (Details)
Work Sharp WSSA0002601 WS3000 Tool Bar Attachment

Work Sharp Tool Bar Attachment for the WS3000. Improves freehand sharpening on top of the grinding wheel and the underside using Edge-Vision. Designed to accept a wide range of Tormek or Jet sharpening jigs for turning tools and carvings tools. Fits...

$49.95 as at 12:47 UTC. (Details)
Work Sharp WSSA0002174 Edge-Vision Abrasive Kit for WS2000 Sharpener

WS2000 Abrasive Kit, Includes: 1 Of 80G Solid Abrasive, 4 Pieces Of 80G Slotted Abrasives & 4 Pieces Of 220G Slotted Abrasives.Drill Doctor #WSSA0002174 WS2000 Abrasive...

$10.07 as at 12:48 UTC. (Details)