Tormek SE-76 Square Edge Jig

Used with both the Tormek T-7 and T-3 sharpening systems, this Square Edge Jig is comprised of an upper base with a lower clamp and two locking knobs for fixing the tool. It slides on the Universal Support on nylon bushings across the grindstone,...

$58.00 as at 11:09 UTC. (Details)
Tormek XB-100 Horizontal Base for the Universal Support

Tormek XB-100 Horizontal Base for the Universal Support was once sold as an accessory, but now is mounted as standard on the US-105. The horizontal base is used for honing with jigs. The honing must always be done with the wheel running away from...

$26.00 as at 11:09 UTC. (Details)
Tormek SJ-200 8-Inch Japanese Waterstone

Offers a 4000 grit grinding surface that produces a mirror finish without any visible...

$210.00 as at 11:09 UTC. (Details)
Tormek SVS-32 Short Tool Jig

The Tormek Short Tool Jig is for carving tools with a straight shank (straight gouges and V-tools, short wood chisels, and square carving chisels) and gouges and V-tools for reciprocating power carvers. Maximum tool width is 1-1/4" (32mm). Minimum...

$27.00 as at 11:09 UTC. (Details)
Tormek T-7 Scissors and Knife Sharpening Package

This newest version features a larger water tray for less spillage, EzyLock Stone Mounting for quick stone change without tools and ED-Coated Housing for maximum protection. The T-7 grinding wheel turns at a slow 90 rpm through water which acts as a...

$780.00 as at 11:10 UTC. (Details)
TORMEK T-3 Essentials Package

Keep a razor-sharp edge on a variety of tools with this full-service water- cooled system. The Tormek method uses jigs to guide your tools so that only minute fractions of steel are removed at each sharpening. It takes less time and extends the...

$493.00 as at 11:10 UTC. (Details)
Tormek Small Knife Holder

The new Small Knife Holder SVM-00 from Tormek can handle those really small knife blades which up until now have been difficult to sharpen. In the past they have been sharpened free-hand but every time it was a challenge to get a consistent shape...

$32.00 as at 12:31 UTC. (Details)
Tormek SVH-320 Planer/Jointer Blade Jig

Use this Planer/Jointer Blade Jig for grinding any length high-speed steel blade, minimum 1/2" width. Blades longer than 10-1/2" are relocated in the blade holder and ground in two steps. For use with the Tormek T-7 and T-3.For Blades of any...

$179.51 as at 12:31 UTC. (Details)
Tormek SG-250 Grindstone

Tormeks Original Grindstone has evolved over the years to offer the best combination of efficient steel removal, smooth surface finish, and a long life. This stone efficiently cuts all types of tools and steel qualities including high-speed steel....

$178.00 as at 12:31 UTC. (Details)
Tormek TNT-708 Woodturner's Kit

This kit contains everything you need to shape and sharpen all your turning tools. A Gouge Jig, used for fingernail shaped bowl gouges and spindle gouges, can be set to create the edge geometry of your choice. Also for exchangeable cutters of any...

$324.00 as at 12:59 UTC. (Details)