Wilh. Schmitt Company, makers of Two Cherries edge tools, has introduced a selection of micro carving tools. Like all other products made by this venerable manufacturer, these toos are hand forged and finely polished. The blades are mounted on a...

$158.00 as at 02:16 UTC. (Details)

The Two Cherries Scraper with Prepared Edges features smooth, worked edges that won't leave scratches on the finished wood surface. Other features include a 0.8mm thick blade, plastic edge protectors, and high-quality German steel construction.The...

$10.42 as at 08:16 UTC. (Details)

The best quality German knives are available individually or in a set of ten. Chip, figure and general carving knives.High quality German steel blades hold a keen edge.Beech handles shaped for comfort and control.A variety of shapes available for...

$22.50 as at 15:25 UTC. (Details)

Two Cherries bevel edge chisels with a skew cutting edge for hand controlled paring and other detailed work. The pair contains 2, 20mm tools with right and left angled cutting edge, perfect for trimming slightly protruding dovetails, tenons,...

$68.05 as at 01:24 UTC. (Details)

Finely crafted German carving tools in a set designed for a wide variety of carving projects. Ideal for beginners, the kit includes three carving tools, three carving knives and a honing stone and is packed in a well crafted hardwood box. This set...

$169.95 as at 01:24 UTC. (Details)

This set of fine German knives can be used for general shop work, chip carving, figure carving, whittling and many more everyday chores. The polished steel blades are guaranteed to hold the finest possible edge even in hard, difficult woods. Set...

$49.95 as at 01:24 UTC. (Details)

The Two Cherries 6-Piece Pear-Handled Wood Carving Set features German hand-forged blades that are heat-treated to stay sharp longer. The blades are honed for immediate use, and the pear-shaped handles are designed for increased comfort. All...

$143.79 as at 01:24 UTC. (Details)

Made with the same extraordinary German steel and attention to detail as all Two Cherries tools. These professional tools have been in production since 1858 and are unsurpassed in quality and finish. No finer carving tools are made in the world...

$381.00 as at 12:09 UTC. (Details)