These double bevel lettering chisels were designed by master woodcarver Chris Pye and are made by Auriou Toolworks. The set of seven alongee style double bevel chisels provides a wide range of lettering heights. Octagonal ash handles with a...

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Chris Pye - Auriou Allongee gouge No.9 Width 20 mm Chris Pye - Auriou Allongee gouge No.9 Width 20 mmHand forged by beating out a blank of steel creates a very resilient grain structureAllongee style of blade splays from the shoulder: They are...

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Chris Pye - Auriou 11 pc Carving Tool Set Set of 11 tools gives you many carving choices: deep gouges for shaping, medium for modeling, flat gouges for smoothing surfaces, and the ever-useful V tool; and with these tools you'll have the means of...

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Great for those just getting started or those with more experience who like to carve smaller sized projects. The handle fits comfortably in the palm, allowing for good control close to your work. The 5 profiles can perform a variety of tasks and...

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The Flexcut SlipStrop is an excellent way to maintain the razor edge on your Flexcut tools. It has been specially designed and molded to allow for polishing and deburring the hard to reach areas on the inside of V-tools and gouges as well as the...

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This set includes all of the tools found in the 5-piece Beginner's Palm Set and the 4-piece Wide Palm Set, and is great for a wide variety of carving tasks. Take projects from start to finish with wide and narrow tool profiles. Wooden handles...

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Carvin' Jack by Flexcut is a complete carving kit in your pocket. All six blades of the Carvin' Jack are made of the same edge holding high carbon steel that Flexcut's tools are famous for. The Carvin' Jack comes with its own Flexcut? Slipstrop...

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Specially forged for Woodcraft, this intermediate size, professional style tool is 2" shorter for easier control and greater responsiveness. It is carefully sharpened, honed, and buffed for immediate use. The high-grade steel and precise tempering...

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Grown in South American rain forests, Balsa is kiln dried to produce a light weight and high strength-to-weight ratio wood. Balsa cuts easily with a hobby knife and can be stained or painted to represent any wood type. Balsa Carving Blocks are...

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Pfeil carving tools and Pfeil carving tool sets are "Swiss Made." Swiss Made implies reliability and precision. Pfeil carving is undoubtedly the finest carving tool on the market. Pfeil carving tools are second to none in terms of manufacturing...

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