Wilh. Schmitt company makers of Two Cherries edge tools has introduced a selection of micro carving tools. Like all other products make by this venerable manufacturer these tools are hand forged and finely polished. The blades are mounted on a...

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Your hearing is more sensitive to loud noise than you think, and once diminished or gone, it doesnt grow back. Protect your hearing with our durable and reusable silicone earplugs. They come in a case to keep them clean when not in use. ANSI...

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These very sturdy firmer gouges are for heavy duty roughing out and are built to withstand hard use with a mallet. The blades are gound with the standard outside bevel. An impressive German quality tool by Two Cherries. Heavy duty gouge hand...

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These tools are forged and precision ground with straight sides and v-bottom edge. Principal uses include outlining, detailing, texturing, undercutting, rounding over edges, and applying decoration in chip carving. PFEIL carving tools and sets are...

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Power Tools Roller chain and sprockets provide positive feeding for a variety of workSupport column is fully adjustable for horizontal, vertical or angled feeder positionFeeder body, column base and joints are cast iron for heavy duty...

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The Hooked Push Knife is designed for cleaning stop cuts and excels at making concave, convex, and shaving cuts. Handle shape holds like a pencil or conventional knife. The curved blade is approximately 1" wide. New handle shape holds like a...

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High Carbon Steel Double Tempered Hollow Ground Blades . Vinyl Covered Steel Box Includes: 4 1/2 Inch Black Walnut Handle . Solid Brass Three Way Chuck Holds 1/2" - 5/16" Wide Blades Three : .050 Wide Heavy Duty Blades Six: .030 Thick Detail...

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These fixed handled palm tools are constructed from solid Ash and high carbon steel. The fixed handle version allows for faster tool changes over the unhandled tools which need to be used with an interchangeable handle.#3 x 3/8" (9mm) Sweep Palm...

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Out of the barbecue pit and into the glue pot comes the silicone glue brush. Tired of cheap, disposable brushes that sometimes leak bristles into your glue? Try these brushes made of top quality silicone trimmed to a shorter bristle length for...

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For a caul to work properly, and evenly distribute clamping pressure, the cauls curve must be perfect. If you are like most woodworkers and have had less than satisfactory results when using homemade cauls, it is most likely due to a less than...

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