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Many people consider woodcarving by hand as lost art. This is not true. There are still woodworking artists around the world. If you will come to my shop, you will see the exact same set up just like 2,000 years ago, with the same tools. The process used to do all the carving is also exactly the same. A piece of wood that is carved by machine does not have the same flow or lines in the wood as if done by hand. It is easy to see the movements in a piece of carved wood that comes from carving by hand. A machine cannot replicate these same movements because it does not have the eye of a master wood wood carver. The human eye can see detail in the wood that a machine cannot. This attention to detail by the wood wood carver,results in a carving that is beautiful and intricate with a handmade feel.

With traditional wood carving, there is no modern technology needed. All that is needed to begin is a piece of paper and a pencil. While the wood wood carver is drawing the design on paper, the wood wood carver will visualize the finished product in three dimensions. This ability to think in 3-D allows the wood wood carver to pay attention to the various depths, sizes and movements in the carving. A wood carver must be able to think in 3-D so that a two dimensional drawing can be transformed into a beautiful carving.

Wood Carver Alexander GrabovetskiyTo begin on the carving, the drawing that was done on paper is transferred to the wood. This drawing on the wood serves as the guidelines for the wood wood carver to follow. In the wood wood carver’s shop, chisels of various sizes are available for use that allows the wood wood carver to make custom shapes and sizes. Often many of the these Wood Carvings cannot be replicated by machine because of its limitations. However, carving by hand is only limited by the imaginations of the of the wood carver!

Woodcarving is a form of art that only a handful around the world know how to do. There are millions of painters around the world, but not many can carve exquisite pieces of art out of wood.

We are specializing in Architectural and Ornamental Hand Wood Carving.

Moldings, vanity cabinets, capitals, brackets, fireplace mantels, doors, paneling, lettering, screens, and lectures, kitchen island cabinets are just a few of the carved elements I carved. We are not limited on style.

We can do ultra modern carving or ultra Rocco style.

Machine made work ( even when using  Wood Carver Duplicator) shows the limitations of a spinning router blade and lacks any sharp, intricate detail. Carvings made by machines are available but cannot offer the same quality you will find in our carving done by master wood carver. Each piece from our workshop is individually hand made by woodworking artist. This gives our clients many advantages.

Our hand work allows us to adjust the pattern of a molding so that the corners have the traditional neat finish – often with rich acanthus decoration – not just a cut in the middle of a pattern because the material comes in fixed lengths. We work in any dimension, not forced to compromise a design to fit the dimensions of a machine in width or length. You will not be limited to the type of wood, unlike machined carving. Contractors even send us their material for carving.

Because our work is done by hand of a wood carver, designs can be created that are unique to the client and location – at no additional cost. Machine carving is not cheap and you are constantly having to compromise. Why not take that same budget and have custom hand carving that the client can be proud of.

And if you can use some human touch in you beautiful designs you will be blessed.

  • I have seen some of the other items (art) you have posted in awe. You have a phenomenal talent, please pass it on. This is a dying art that needs to continue. I don't know that I can say more, superb workmanship. A+ wood carver

    Jeff Reece

  • Are you serious? This is incredible! I am amazed. Great work! You are one of Famous Wood Carvers! I found you on site of Wood Carvers Illustrated

    Chris Hostetler

  • Um second that WOW!!! Not on my best day in a million years. You ARE A Wood Carver, Master Carver! I like your Wood Sculpture especially.


Wood Carver Alexander Grabovetskiy