Woodcarving low relief mahogany antique doors

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Woodcarving low relief 

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Woodcarving low relief on mahogany doors.

1/8 thikness


  • Wow. That really dressed that door up. Nice work. It is easy to understand How to Do Relief Carving, you are true master in Woodcarving low relief style. I love hand carved doors. I could use Custom Hand Carved Doors.

    Michael Short

  • Bravo! WOW, now I know What Is Relief Carving in Woodcarving low relief style! Hand carved doors are beautiful. Amazing Hand Carved Doors

    Bear Carver

  • Very beautiful and useful post for those into woodcarving low relief, thank you for sharing!What a difference between High Relief Wood Carvings and woodcarving low relief. True art and showcase of hand carved doors.


  • That is absolutely beautiful. Very impressive. Really appreciate the effort tit took to show this. Exquisite.What kind  Relief Wood Carving Tools are you using for Woodcarving low relief? Do you have Free Relief Wood Carving Design?


  • Nicely done woodcarving low relief, thanks for posting. Do you teach Relief Wood Carving for Beginners?I would love to learn style of woodcarving low relief. I would like to see moe Hand Carved Front Doors


Woodcarving low relief mahogany antique doors

In September of 2012 I was commissioned to carve on Antique 1911 Mahogany Doors. My customers told me that doors are solid mahogany and they bought them thirty years ago from big estate house in Pennsylvania. Woodcarving for me not just a way to make some money it is art and I love challenges. Wood is unforgiving medium, one mistake and it is forever.

When I brought two doors to my Woodcarving Shop and check every detail I found out that those doors are not solid wood. Mahogany applied on top of pine wood and layer of mahogany only 1/8 of an inch thick. For me it is another challenge.  It translates that I would have to carve a different type of wood carving. In woodcarving world we call it ” Woodcarving  low relief “.

When you limited on deepness of wood, remember it is only 1/8″ you have to be really careful. Thanks God I have right tools for this type of job. I love my detail carving tools made by Ashley Iles from UK.


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woodcarving low relief on mahogany doors













Master Wood Carver Alexander Grabovetskiy

Woodcarving low relief. Free Wood Carving Relief Photos of  WOODCARVING LOW RELIEF 

wood carving low relief by

Author:  Alexander Grabovetskiy

Master wood carver in style of woodcarving low relief. Relief Wood Carving for Beginners

Woodcarving low relief finished. Some people saying it looks like Wood Relief Carving Bavarian 1600s

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Alexander Grabovetskiy is a Master Wood Carver and Woodworking Artist. Born July 4 1973. Currently his woodworking / woodcarvingShop located in state of North Carolina town Waxhaw. http://aalmarkllc.com
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